SHOCK WARNING: Lesbian Couple Murder 14 Year Old Due To Jealousy

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Brazil-A 14-year-old girl was killed on Tuesday afternoon (25) at Maria Farinha Beach, in Paulista, Metropolitan Region of Recife. Both were seized in flagrante, hours after crime, by the Delegation of Maria Farinha.

The mother, stepfather and boyfriend of the dead girl at the Instituto Médico Legal (IML) in Santo Amaro, recognize the body on its night of this Tuesday. They reported that the assaults had had a relationship with the victim in the past and, with the end of the novel, began to persecute and harass her constantly.

At the time of a case, the victim lived with his father and grandmother in the neighborhood of Caxangá, in the West Zone of Recife. Peak of the relationship, she arrived two months away from home, to the desperation of the family. To return to your home, that is not far away with the side of the girl, which has been an aggressive agent with part of the ex.

The two teenagers were held by people on the beach and the police were deployed. The pilot for the apprehension was the delegate of the locality, Alvaro Muniz. He claims that the crime is still under investigation, but it is clearly a double-qualified homicide: for having no chance of defense and for the use of cruelty.

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