Police are accused of brutality after arresting man in east London

Posted by The King Slayer 2019 years ago in Police videos
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The police watchdog is looking into a forcible arrest of the father of a disabled toddler, which sparked accusations of brutality after videos surfaced showing officers hitting the man.

Younness Bentahar, 38, was arrested for parking on a single yellow line near a corner in east London yesterday afternoon. He told officers he could park in the location because he has a blue disabled badge which witnesses said was clearly on display in his windscreen.

Police said he refused 17 times to produce his licence or move his car, and was given a five-stage warning before being arrested. During his arrest footage shows officers hitting Mr Bentahar as they pin him to the pavement on the street in Tower Hamlets.

One brings his hand, holding a pair of solid metal handcuffs, down on Mr Bentahar's head of the man drawing blood and another can be seen hitting him in the side.

Mr Bentahar can be heard screaming 'aaargh my heart my heart' before beginning to convulse, as a woman at the scene screams 'you're killing him.' An officer later told bystanders to move back saying the man was having a seizure.

The Metropolitan Police have referred the incident to the a professional standards unit and the Independent Office for Police Conduct has said it looking into the matter.

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