Stunning Moment Grouper Fish Swallows A Shark Whole

Posted by The King Slayer 2019 years ago in WTF
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Astonishing footage has revealed the moment a savage grouper fish devoured an entire shark in one bite.

The video was taken by researchers trying to find shipwrecks on the sea floor and such ambitious meals are rarely captured on camera.

A grouper's diet predominantly includes crabs and other crustaceans but they are also known to regularly eat slow-moving fish. Sharks however, are hardly ever on the menu.

Due to their preference for the depths of the oceans, recorded events are scarce but fisherman from Florida captured one snatching their catch, a black tip shark, off the line in one bite in 2014.

The most recent event saw eleven sharks picking clean the carcass of a large swordfish weighing around 250lbs (113kg) when the grouper arrived.

It proceeded to engulf one of the small sharks, known as a dogfish, and the entire ruckus was observed by researchers from the NOAA and captured on camera.

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