'I'm going for it!' Scientist puts limbs in between a shark's jaw

Posted by The King Slayer 3 months ago in Animals
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A marine biologist who pioneered a 'shark-proof' wetsuit in the late 1970s is so confident about the strength of his invention that he regularly puts them to the test by thrusting his protected limbs into the predators' jaws.

Jeremiah Sullivan is a marine biologist who is best known for his research into sharks and for his various designs of chainmail suits since his original design, patented in 1980.

The San Diego based scientist has sustained thousands of shark bites with no significant injuries to himself, divers in his care, or the sharks with which he works.

Now, he has tested the latest version of his super-strong wetsuit, which he says was built to withstand the blow from an axe, by letting a deadly 14-foot tiger shark bite down on his protected arm.

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