Savage schoolgirl kicks and stamps on boy, 10, after he 'said he was dating her'

Posted by The King Slayer 3 months ago in WTF
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A 10-year-old boy was kicked and stamped on by a schoolgirl while another filmed the brutal attack.

Footage of the incident shows the boy being attacked on the floor for reportedly claiming he was dating one of the girls.

The boy was stamped on and kicked in the groin and has been left "severely traumatised" by the incident, according to his mum.

The video was filmed by one of the alleged bullies in the town of Cugir in Romania and shared on social media where it was later forwarded to the boy's shocked mother Adriana Metea.

Adriana reposted the video with the message: "It has been several hours since I received this video and I still cannot watch it to the end.

"That is my son Robert there, being humiliated and brutally beaten by those... I cannot even find the word for them.

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