British men brawl with metal poles in front of terrified families on Barcelona beach

Posted by The King Slayer 3 months ago in WTF
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A group of British men were caught up in terrifying brawl on a popular tourist beach in front of families and children.

Sunbathers were filmed picking up their belongings and running for safety as the men traded punches and swung metal poles on the sand in Barcelona.

One of the tourists caught up in the melee - a man with a Cockney accent wearing red shorts - took a punch to the face from another in blue bathing trunks as he protested: “They’re mine, they’re mine, these are mine.”

A well-built pal in white shorts reacted to the attack on his mate by running over and punching the aggressor in the face as someone else shouted in English: “You’d better f*** off.”

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