Creator Of The "Storm Area 51" Event Shows Off His Naruto Run, And We're Definitely All Doomed

Posted by The King Slayer 3 months ago in WTF
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Spoiler Alert: It's pretty bad. Bakersfield's ABC affiliate caught up with the creator of the viral "Storm Area 51, They Can't Stop All of Us" Facebook event that claims that on Sept. 20th a group of people are going to break into the legendary Top Secret Air Force base that's purported to contain aliens and alien technology.

One of the major tropes of the event is that the way that you can evade capture or military gunfire is by doing a 'Naruto Run'. In this video, you can see one of the creators of the event demonstrating that bizarre anime-inspired running style.

Over a 1.7 million people have signed up for the Facebook event garnering attention from mainstream media outlets, and inspiring the creation of tons of hilarious Storm Area 51 Memes.

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