Blood-covered shark attack victim saved from water by passing boat of nurses

Posted by The King Slayer 6 months ago in WTF
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A blood-covered shark attack victim has been filmed desperately crawling to safety onto a passing boat - that luckily had two nurses on board.

The 40-year-old man, who has not been named, was bitten while diving with a group of friends near Key Biscayne in Miami, Florida, on Saturday.

He scrambled onto the vessel, which had been hired by a group of medical professionals, before collapsing once he knew he was out of danger.

Chilling footage shows the wetsuit-clad man crawling around and clutching his arm before the nurses spring into action - racing against the clock to stem his blood loss.

He is seen keeping his arm raised as he is tended to, with one of the medics using blue fabric to apply a tourniquet to the bite.

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