Optical illusion appears to show cars disappearing into thin air

Posted by The King Slayer 7 months ago in WTF
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Twitter has gone into overdrive after a video was shared, appearing to show traffic disappearing into thin air.

The clip, shared by Brit Daniel Dutch, captures cars and bikes driving on a road in an unknown location, before they appear to turn left and disappear into what looks like a bridge over water.

Posting the clip online this week, Daniel wrote: 'Yes, the traffic just disappears.'

The post quickly racked up over 200,000 views, along with thousands of retweets and comments from confused followers, with some branding it the 'Bermuda triangle'.

However others pointed out that it was simply an optical illusion, and the footage was filmed from above at an angle - with what appeared to be a river and a bridge - in fact a dirty roof with a raised ledge overlooking the road.

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