YUP, RUSSIA. Two Young Boys Steal Dad's BMW, Proceed To Crash It

Posted by moku 1 week ago in Rowdy Russia
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In the Altai Territory, boys 7 and 9 years old took a puppy, got into their father’s BMW and rode him for adventures that did not take long.

The incident occurred in Rubtsovsk on September 24th. At the U-turn, according to the Baikal24 publication, the children did not notice the GAZelle cargo and jumped right in front of it.

Adult drivers were extremely amazed at the reckless action of the guys. They were even more surprised to learn that there was a younger brother at the wheel - his small stature allowed him to see well from the car, except perhaps the sky.

In a video filmed by eyewitnesses, the children cry, ask for home and make ambiguous statements - so, according to them, the father was drunk at that time, and his mother was not.

On social networks, users who introduced themselves as eyewitnesses said that no one was injured in the accident. Official comments from the traffic police did not come.

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