Teen Posing As Fake Cop Pulls Over A Car...Then A Real Cop Showed Up

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Newly released bodycam video shows the moment a police officer came in contact with a teenager pretending to be a sheriff’s deputy in Albuquerque, according to police. Brenden Wysynski, 18 was arrested and charged as an adult with impersonating a peace officer on September 9, a criminal complaint obtained by KOAT said.

At 12:30 a.m. Monday, a police officer with the Albuquerque Police Department was driving on city streets north of downtown when he saw a car with red and blue flashing lights pulled over for what appeared to be a traffic stop, according to the complaint.

When thee officer drove by the cars a young man waved at him, according to the complaint. That’s when the officer turned around and stopped to find out what was going on. Wysynski was wearing, according to the officer, “regular clothing” and a star-shaped badge on his belt, the complaint said. He identified himself as a deputy with the Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Department, police say. “I know, I know I’m under equipped,” Wysynski can be heard saying in the body cam video.

When asked why he was conducting a traffic stop, Wysynski told the officer the SUV he stopped had been driving 120 mph.

“I was just heading over there to the courthouse,” Wysynski says in the video. “I know it makes no sense, I caught him going 120 down I-40.”

The officer requested Wysynski’s identification and asked about the makeshift flashing blue and red lights attached to his car. He then told Wysynski to return the documents he had taken from the SUV driver.

As the officer calls for a supervisor to assist him, Wysynski says: “For starters, I know this looks really bad.” He gives his birth year as 1994 and says the badge belonged to his late father. Police later confirmed he was born in 2001, and he eventually admitted he bought the badge online. Finally, he says: “I’m just gonna be straight-up with you. I’m not a cop.”

Wysynski did not respond to a Facebook message seeking comment. He has entered a not guilty statement.

Wysynski’s attorney, Carlos Scarborough, said in a statement that his client was released on his own recognizance, meaning he signed a written statement that he will show up to scheduled court appearances and not do anything illegal while waiting for a court date.

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