WTF! Surgeons Remove A 4.4 Pound Hairball From Girl's Stomach

Posted by moku 2019 years ago in Rowdy Russia
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Surgeons have removed this huge human hairball weighing 4.4 lbs from a teenager’s stomach.

The bizarre incident took place in the city of Ulan-Ude in the southern Russian republic of Buryatia when the unnamed 19-year-old was admitted to the hospital with severe stomach pains.

According to reports, the young woman was vomiting after meals and struggling with a general lack of body strength.

After carrying out a thorough medical examination, doctors discovered a bezoar, a solid mass of indigestible material, that had accumulated in her stomach.

The bezoar had filled up almost all of her stomach, causing immense pain and a duodenal ulcer, according to reports.

During surgery, doctors removed a huge ball of hair that reportedly measured 50x10x10 centimeters (20x4x4 inches).

Head of the surgical team that operated on the teenager, Bator Dondokov, said: “Things like that can begin with an apparently innocent habit of chewing on your own hair.

“The group of people most at risk are young girls and the swallowed hair remains in the stomach.”

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