Watch 3 Cars Get Turned Into Pancakes When Bridge Collapses On Them

Posted by moku 1 week ago in Absurd Asia
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At least three cars were buried under the wreckage of an overpass that collapsed Thursday evening in Jiangsu province in eastern China, reports.

The incident occurred around 18:10 local time in the city of Wuxi. The footage shows how the long passage of the viaduct falls down at a time when drivers returning home under a multi-ton structure pass by. Judging by the record, at least three cars were buried under the debris, and rescuers have not yet been able to reach them. A powerful crane was sent to the place, with the help of which firefighters will try to raise the span.

The culprit of the accident was a semi-truck driver which transported 187 tons of unknown cargo - this is many times higher than the permissible load. Despite the ban, he drove to the bridge but did not reach the opposite side. A man escaped from the crash site.

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