Oak Park Counsel Meeting On Diversity Has Members Told To Shut Up Because They Are White

Posted by moku 23 hours ago in FAIL!
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A board of trustees meeting in the Village of Oak Park, Illinois, took an ugly turn Monday night, when one elected official went on a tirade against several of her colleagues for daring to give input on updates to the town's equity, diversity, and inclusion statement.

"I am so tired of hearing two white men tell us what systems of oppression are," she said to applause from the audience. "You have been white from birth. Why are you arguing what is a system of oppression? You've never experienced it, so shut up! I don't want to hear from you! Just stop Dan, just stop Deno. You are not oppressed people and people in Oak Park are and we are trying to recognize that as a community."

She continued, "This mayor and this board is obviously not willing to face history. We have a chance to make history. It is time for this community to face equity. Enough!"

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