SHOCK VIDEO: Boy Escapes Massacre At His Home, Runs To Bakery For Help

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From Google Translate:

Twelve-year-old Nikita was the only child from a large family from Mendeleevsk who managed to escape from the angry stepfather who came to see his youngest son. Having received numerous cuts, the boy jumped out the window and ran to the bakery, where he found refuge.

The drama took place at about three in the morning on December 3 on Yubileynaya Street, after a prolonged meeting between 41-year-old Ainur Harisov and two-year-old Ruslan. The man after the divorce lived in Yelabuga, but often visited his little son, simultaneously rolling up scandals to his ex-wife. This time he drank hard and suspected a 38-year-old lover of treason. Three times convicted of theft and bodily harm of a man did not work out, a knife went into action. The ex-wife Angelina fell first, followed by her 19-year-old son Cyril, and then Nikita, who was sleeping in his room, came to the noise. The stepfather cut his hands and feet but switched to his son crying in the crib. The kid died in intensive care, and Nikita did not wait for the reprisal and jumped out the window in one of his underwear.

The footage shows how a bleeding boy runs into a nearby bakery and turns to the confectioner for help. The woman locked the door and called an ambulance, the boy was hospitalized.

His stepfather, meanwhile, reached Yelabuga in an attempt to escape from the police but was detained near the house. He attributed his behavior to jealousy.

“They lived in the entrance, where the strong point was, on the first floor, the visitors,” recalled a resident of the house where the tragedy occurred.

The First Deputy Minister of Health of Tatarstan Almir Abashev admitted that since the beginning of 2019 this is the fourth case in the republic when children die at the hands of drunken cohabitants.

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