WTF? British Truck Driver Speeds Down Highway While Dragging Car In Front Of it, Driver Claims He Didn't See It

Posted by moku 2019 years ago in Accidents
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Singer Ellie Goulding had to come to the rescue of man trapped in his car that was being pushed along one of London's busiest dual-carriageways by a Royal Mail truck.

In staggering footage captured on Monday shows the articulated truck pushing a Volkswagen GTi that is glued to the front of the massive vehicle whilst pointing sideward.

In the dramatic incident, filmed westbound on the Western Ave stretch of the A40 in London, other vehicles can be seen honking their horns whilst driving alongside the delivery truck in a bid to save the driver trapped inside of the black car.

The vehicles then come screeching to a halt, and immediately fellow motorists are shouting at the truck driver: 'What the f*** are you doing man?!'

The truck driver then looks out of his window and see the stranded car on his bonnet and throws his hands in the air with disbelief.

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