WTF Is Going On At Westroads Mall in Omaha? Multiple Fights, Cops Shooting Pepper Balls, Sheer Madness!

Posted by moku 2 months ago in News
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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) -- Authorities are investigating what triggered a brawl at Westroads Mall Thursday night involving a crowd of teenagers.

The disturbance eventually spilled out into the parking lot where police confirm that pepper balls were used to contain the disturbance.

Cell phone video from inside shows the chaos as authorities tried to calm the melee.

Police said the crowd had grown progressively unruly throughout the night until the conflict boiled over into physical battles. There was a report of one injury that was not considered serious.

A video from Sahra Schwartz showed a large group comprised of middle school age to high school age people. There appeared to have been approximately 30 to 40 people involved.

Tables and chairs were knocked over as several fights broke out.

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