Mother And Daughter Pull Knives, Stab Young Man!

Posted by moku 2019 years ago in Rowdy Russia
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The surveillance camera installed in one of the cafes in the city of Krasnoturinsk, located in the Sverdlovsk region, captured the conflict, which ended with a stabbing.

According to local media, last Sunday, December 29, a 26-year-old man named Nikolai decided to spend time in a bar. For an unknown reason, he had a conflict with an employee of the institution.

At that moment, when he was talking with a company sitting at one of the tables, a woman suddenly attacked him, stabbing him four times in the back.

When the victim tried to launch a counterattack, another woman entered the case - the mother of the first participant in the confrontation, armed with a more impressive knife. She struck the man one blow, which was enough to incapacitate the enemy.

A visitor who received several stab wounds was taken to the hospital, where he was placed in intensive care.

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