Hostage Negotiation Turns Into Deadly Shooting In Ohio

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Deputy Police Chief Dan Shupp said the shooting took place approximately 35 minutes after the 911 call was received. He confirmed the officer responsible for shooting the suspect has been assigned special duty until the investigation is completed.

Because the incident is being investigated by the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation, Shupp said it's up to BCI to determine why Kirk did what he did. As for Kirk's motive, Shupp said he was going to let the video speak for itself.

In a news release Monday, Shupp asserts the video reinforces the need to use deadly force.

According to the police report on the incident, the initial call was for a robbery. The report's narrative said once officers arrived at the business, Kirk had taken the hostage. Police established a perimeter and attempted to negotiate with the suspect.

The body cam footage starts with the officer stepping around the back corner of the building. Kirk can be heard shouting from the business' back door, although it's difficult to see him.

The officer's rifle can be seen in the shot, but he lets it hang from its strap while he talks to the suspect. Over the course of the five-minute clip, the officer attempts to determine what Kirk wants.

Throughout the clip, Kirk can be heard asking officers to him. He warns the surrounding officers not to "value (his) life over her life," referring to the hostage. Kirk becomes increasingly agitated, warning officers if they don't "put a bullet in (his) head," he was going to the hostage, then they'd have to him anyway.

Towards the end of the clip, sobs can be heard from the hostage. Kirk yells that the woman has a child and tells the officers not to let her die "on him."

Kirk then quiets himself, softly telling the officers they already knows what he wants them to do.

The officer then responds " want us to take your life, we don't want to do that."

"Listen, man, you're talking about a permanent solution to a temporary problem."

After ducking inside the building, Kirk brings the hostage outside with him. The officer asks for her name, and then asks Kirk to let her go.

Kirk begins yelling he won't be negotiating. The hostage slips inside, a shot is heard, Kirk collapses, and the officer begins calling for a medic before the video ends.

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