Pitbull is Let Loose In Neighborhood, Attacks Young Children

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NEW YORK - A dangerous pit bull running loose on Hoyt Street in Spring Valley, NY, attacked a baby boy taking a walk with his sister on the quiet block.

The vicious canine attacked a one-year old Jewish boy after throwing down the child’s sister who was watching him. The girl suffered a minor injury to her leg, but the dog grabbed at the baby, trying to pull him away.

A member of Chaveirim of Rockland who observed what was transpiring immediately ran to the scene and tried defending the children. He saw that the dog had locked its jaw on the baby’s garment, and he immediately drew a knife and cut the child garment to release it from the dog’s grip.

A young man ran over to help, and he was severely bitten by the pit-bull, suffering several deep bite wounds on his hand and arm.

Several members of Chaveirim of Rockland quickly arrived on the scene and immobilized the dog until the police arrived.

The young man was transported to Westchester Medical Center by Hatzolah of Rockland.

Readers are asked to daven for the refuah sheleimah of Aharon ben Toiba, who is undergoing surgery following the attack.

Neighbors asserted they had complained for months to the Spring Valley Police Department for months about this dog but there was no adequate response to their complaints.

The Spring Valley Police Dept released a picture of the dog and announced that it is currently being held at the Hi Tor Animal Shelter. The SVPD said they are looking for information about the owner of the dog, and requested anyone with information to contact them at 845-356-7400.

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