Witches In Africa Try To Kill A Man Using A Cat In A Coffin

Posted by moku 1 month ago in News
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So this happened in Mocuba city, Mozambique. The coffin covered with a red cloth and a white cross was found in front of a house. According to reports, a witch was trying to kill someone who lives in that house. The traditional authorities and traditional doctors("curandeiros" not to be confused with normal witches) were called to the place and when they arrived, to everyone's surprise, a cat(seen in the video) came out of the casket. The "curandeiros" also found candles, corn, and fresh pieces of flesh/meat inside the tiny casket. The curandeiros claim that the cat must be killed in order to break the spell, and according to them when they kill the kitty the witch who made the ritual will also die within two weeks. The man in the brown uniform who is a traditional authority(a regulo) has given a green light to kill the kitty, however they're still uncertain of wether or not to do it since according to the curandeiros one of the witches is a family member of the landlord(the lady with the orange shirt).

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