Wuhan Doctor Has A Meltdown On The Phone With His Supervisor

Posted by moku 2019 years ago in News
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rough translation:

I want to be home too!

I want to celebrate the spring festival too!

What have you guys done?

What have you guys done?

There are four shifts every day,

We became the third shift of the fever clinic.

Don't we want to live?

Take a look at the situation yourself!

What the hell do you want to do?

I don't want the patients, take them away!

Take away those on the floor!

(female doctor trying to calm him down)

I'm not throwing a tantrum!

What can I do with so many patients!

(female: let's call the head of the hospital over...)

Do you really think they want to come over?

(female: let's ask the patient to talk to--)

(patient: It doesn't work. I went but I couldn't find the head of the hospital.

(patient: I even called the 12345 major's hotline)

I don't need a doctor! I don't need a doctor!

I have a doctor, I can diagnose patients...(end of video)

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