Shocking Video Showing 3 Dead Bodies In Wuhan Hospital Laying On The Floor All Day, Dead From

Posted by moku 3 weeks ago in News
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Startling footage has emerged from a hospital at the epicenter of the new coronavirus outbreak in central China, apparently showing bodies covered by sheets.

The video, believed to show the inside of Wuhan’s Red Cross Hospital, was widely shared on social media on Friday.

It shows a hospital corridor filled with people wearing surgical masks and health workers in full-body hazardous material suits handling intravenous drips and tending to patients.

“Three bodies have been lying here the whole morning,” the woman recording the video says, according to a translation by social media monitoring agency Storyful .

“Some people are already dead. Until now, nobody’s come to take care of them. Doctors and nurses are all here working in these conditions… I’ve just looked for the person in charge; there’s no leadership and even if there were, they wouldn’t be able to solve this.”

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