Annoying Vegan Sues Neighbors For Grilling In THEIR OWN YARD. The Backlash Is Massive!

Posted by moku 4 weeks ago in FAIL!
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This vegan woman who sued her neighbors for cooking meat in their backyard probably didn't expect such a backlash.

Cilla Carden, who resides in Perth, Western Australia, tried to sue her neighbors because she couldn't stand the smell of grilling meat, according to Insider. As a response, more than 3,000 online supporters got busy planning a massive BBQ outside of her house, just to further annoy her — but according to the New York Post, it was ultimately not meant to be.

Carden said that the smell of her neighbors and their BBQ was bad enough that it affected her life to the point where she was constantly upset and had trouble sleeping.

In addition to the smell of cooking meat, she also complained that she couldn't deal with her neighbors' cigarette smoking or the sounds of their children playing basketball.

While the State Administrative Tribunal and the Supreme Court of Western Australia dismissed her case and denied her appeal, she states that she's determined to keep fighting, as 9News reported.

However, since her lawsuit made the news, a Facebook group popped up that attracted around 3,000 people who planned to hold a massive BBQ outside her home. The event description read,

"Don't let Cilla destroy a good old Aussie tradition."

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