Old Dude From The Villages Rides With A Giant 'Trump Is A Sexual Predator' sign On His Golf Cart, People Are Ready To Rip His Head Off

Posted by moku 3 weeks ago in FAIL!
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According to Villages-News.com, who refers to Ed McGinty as a "well-known anti-Trump protester," this threat is part of the reason he hit the streets using – what else? – his golf cart decked out with signs calling Trump all kinds of things: "Hitler And Trump Exactly Same DNA," "Trump Bigot and Racist," "Trump Is A Sexual Predator," "Trump Filthy Pig," and "Trump Compulsive Liar."

The woman he argued within the street, according to the Villages-News, said she was disgusted by the signs on McGinty’s golf cart.

The woman, named Marsha Hill, said that McGinty called her a pig. She vowed to tweet out videos of McGinty on Wednesday night — which she followed up on.

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