Leaked Videos From China Shows Dead Bodies Everywhere, Crows Are Eating Bodies

Posted by moku 2 weeks ago in News
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A video shared on social media has left everyone shocked once again raising concerns about the manner in which China is handling the novel Coronavirus breakout. The video, which was leaked online with VPN inside China, showed two dead bodies lying on a street in China. The shocking video showed the two bodies lying on the street being eating by crows, while several passersby watching the sight.

A voiceover in the video can be heard narrating the scene about how bodies are lying on the street, while there is no one to cremate them and are being eaten by crows.

However, this is not the first time that bodies have been found lying around on the streets in China since the coronavirus breakout. Last week, several videos had emerged showing bodies lying on the streets, on the train and even in supermarkets.

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