INSANE Progressive Woman With Shaved Head Has A Meltdown Over MAGA Hats In San Fran

Posted by moku 3 weeks ago in FAIL!
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Several dozen Donald Trump supporters rallied in front of the Women’s Building on 18th Street Saturday night — causing a tense and bizarre scene to unfold in the heart of one of San Francisco’s most progressive neighborhoods.

“I want everyone to know that we are going to come out as a fierce, ferocious force in 2020 and re-elect Donald Trump!” screamed Scott Presler, an organizer with #WalkAway, a group aimed at steering the LGBTQ community toward Trumpism and the Republican Party.

At some point, a woman with a shaved head started screaming like a mad banshee at the crowd. The woman seemed genuinely terrified at the sight of all the MAGA hats in that neighborhood. This could possibly be the result of living in a bubble where a different opinion is shut out.

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