Rapper Azealia Banks Melts Down Online Claiming Her White, RACIST Neighbor Pulled A Gun On Her

Posted by moku 2 weeks ago in FAIL!
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In the early hours of Wednesday morning (Feb. 5), New York rapper Azealia Banks made hysterical claims on social media, crying in a series of videos on her Instagram Story as she begged for help. According to Banks, a racist neighbor brandished a gun and threatened to use it because of her loud music.

"This is the second time my neighbor pulled a gun on me and he's threatening to fucking shoot me," Banks said between tears. "He's like this racist...'cause I keep playing the music. He just thinks I'm some random bitch."

"I know the cops are gonna take his side," Banks cried. "I'm like the only Black girl on this street. I don't think anybody knows who I am."

"Guns are scary as fuck but I need to calm down and understand that people who brandish weapons won't really shoot them," the rapper wrote with a rolling eyes emoji. "What kind of man pulls out a gun to intimidate a single woman who lives at home alone ???? Fucking Yuck. Just pray I get some sleep this mornin I have a long day tomorrow. Love you all, thanks to everyone who came to check on me and everyone for being super vigilant about this."

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