A Gaggle Of Angry Woman Fight A Guy, Destroy Gas Station, All Over A Hot Dog

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AKRON, Ohio — A fight over hot dogs at an Akron Speedway gas station Saturday night led to a wild brawl caught on video that started inside and spilled out into the parking lot, according to a police report.

A 27-year-old woman said she was standing in line at Speedway with her friend when she let another female know that she shouldn’t steal a hot dog since the gas station has cameras.

The female and her friends “didn’t take kindly to that comment” and they punched the 27-year-old woman, the report says.

A Good Samaritan saw what was going on and attempted to get the group of females off of the 27-year-old woman. When he attempted to help the woman, the group of females started to hit and attack him.

First the tires were used as weapons, then a window cleaner brush, followed by an entire gas nozzle and hose.

At one point in the video, a woman grabs the gas nozzle and hose that was presumably attached to the pump, and whipped it at a man pictured in the video.

Towards the end of the video, the group of females fled the gas station in a black Ford Focus after they heard sirens.

Akron Police told News 5 the women involved could face charges of criminal damaging, assault, theft and disorderly conduct.

Police said they have been called to the Speedway at 390 East Exchange Street 123 times over the past year, but said many of the disturbance have been caused by people leaving area bars,

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