Angry Lesbian Leftists Assault Republicans Handing Out Info At California, Santa Cruz

Posted by moku 1 week ago in WTF
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From The Washington Examiner- A pair of conservatives were confronted by two protesters on the University of California, Santa Cruz's campus last week.

Free speech activist Hayden Williams was on campus last Friday for an event he was headlining titled "Free Speech and Campus Activism," which was being put on by the college Republican group on campus. Along with the group's president, Dylan Temple, Williams was tabling for the event with several others throughout the day when two people approached them. An 87-second video, obtained by the Washington Examiner on Thursday, shows two protesters making a mess of the tent set up by the college Republican group. Williams can be seen trying to pull a flag away from one of the protesters who shouted, "I think this guy's trying to assault me," before Williams got knocked to the ground during the struggle.

"The UCSC College Republicans' property as well as desecrating the flag. I was holding a Trump 2020 flag, the assailant grabbed it, pulled the flag towards themselves, and then pushed me down into a large formation of jagged rocks," Williams told the Washington Examiner. "I was still holding the flag when struck, and when I hit the ground."

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