Former Political Prisoners Detail The Horrors Of North Korea’s Prison Camps

Posted by moku 2019 years ago in News
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A new Human Rights Watch video features rare interviews with former political prisoners who survived years of systematic abuse, torture, and starvation in the country’s notorious prisoner camps. A UN report detailing the regime’s atrocities also included a letter to Kim Jong-un saying he could face trial for “crimes against humanity.” A new United Nations report has found that crimes against humanity are occurring in North Korea and calls for an international tribunal to investigate and hold perpetrators to account. The report, by a UN Commission of Inquiry appointed by the UN Human Rights Council in March 2013, recommends that the UN Security Council refer the situation in North Korea to the International Criminal Court (ICC) and that the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights carry out investigations. The three person commission, which was chaired by Australian jurist Michael Kirby, will formally present its findings to the Human Rights Council on or around March 17, 2014. The council will then consider a resolution to act on the commission's recommendations.

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