Dude catches a hammerhead shark from inside his kayak

Posted by moku 2019 years ago in Cool videos
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I hooked a Hammerhead shark yesterday and fought it for about 2 hrs. It towed me for miles causing me to beach my kayak two cities over from where I launched. Shark turned out to be about 11 feet. It charged me a few times when I had the camera off and I did not have the camera close to me. I was also a bit wary of filming while it charged, as I was all alone with no one to help if anything went wrong. And another hammerhead chased me for 10 minutes straight after I let the first one go. Looking back, a bit nerve-wracking. Good news is that I managed to get some footage of being towed behind the shark, and put the camera in the water to capture some underwater footage of my tow ride (3:40 onwards).

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