Ice Bucket challenge ends with a girl's jaw being dislocated

Posted by ali 5 years ago in FAIL!
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This video shows a 20-year-old girl who screamed so hard doing the Ice Bucket Challenge – that she DISLOCATED her jaw. Isabelle Roberts, 20, was taken to A&E to have her jaw put back into place when the internet craze for throwing cold water on people went wrong on Tuesday evening (26/8). Isabelle, from Tipton, West Mids., said: "The water was so cold so I screamed but as I did it my jaw just started to stick. "I tried to close my mouth but it would not close, it was locked, and then I came to the realisation that something was up. "Then my mum and sister came to the realisation and they started wetting themselves, but I had to be rushed to A&E."

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