Convoy of Irish troops carrying out UN operations under fire in Syria

Posted by Ezra 5 years ago in War
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THIS shocking video show the moment brave Irish soldiers came under gun and bomb attack in war-torn Syria — and were lucky to escape with their lives. The footage obtained exclusively by The Star shows a convoy of Irish Mowag armoured personnel carriers (APCs) get caught up in an ambush by rebels in the Golan Heights — before one strikes a mine as it tries to escape. It reveals just how dangerous the mission to the Golan Heights is for the 130-strong Irish contingent with UNDOF, the UN peacekeeping operation there. The footage shows the Irish Mowag convoy coming under fire as it drives along a road 20km north east of camp. As per instructions, the Mowags fire their 12.7mm heavy machine guns and then try to escape. But while reversing, one strays off the road and onto soft earth where a mine was laid. It explodes and the area is covered in a huge pall of black smoke. The convoy then reverses at speed and continues its escape. WheelOne soldier suffered injuries in the attack — and, as The Star revealed yesterday, a wheel was blown off the Mowag. The publication of the images comes as sources revealed to The Star army top brass are considering giving their unit in the Golan Heights heavier weapons to defend themselves.

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