CCTV Footage Of Synagogue Building Collapse And a Strange Aircraft

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On Sunday 14th April 2014, Prophet T.B. Joshua played to his congregation and Emmanuel TV viewers worldwide footage reportedly captured by security cameras of the horrific moment a guest-house collapsed within the church premises. Joshua, speaking to a packed auditorium of worshippers, began by thanking officials involved in the extensive rescue operation, as well as supporters worldwide for their prayers. He then recounted the events he said preceded the building collapse at exactly 12:44p.m. on Friday afternoon. “I know this is not the right time to talk,” the cleric started. “I will just say a little because I don’t want to interfere with the job of security personnel.” Joshua narrated how on Friday morning at approximately 8am, he left the ‘prayer mountain’ where he ‘lives’ to return to the church, only to be alerted by phone that “there was a jet hovering, moving around at very close range at the mountain which I had just left.” Shortly afterwards, he was informed the plane in question was flying dangerously low over a particular building within the church premises. “We are going to show you the video,” he then announced. Joshua went on to state that after thirty years residing in Ikotun, Lagos, he had never witnessed an incident of this nature. “This is to tell you we have a stable terrain in this area. I have been in this community for the past 30 years and no building has collapsed,” he insisted. He went on to assure congregants that no effort was being spared in rescuing the victims of the tragedy. “As a minister of the Gospel, our first priority is life – life saving,” he stated. “There is no compromise in what we do at all. I am going to leave this for you to judge.” He then released a warning that another similar incident would occur within the country if proper precautions were not observed.

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