Bank robber is arrested because his cash bag was too HEAVY for him to carry in China

Posted by moku 2019 years ago in FAIL!
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A man has been shot in the leg and arrested because he was unable to load £185,000 of stolen cash onto his motorbike during a bank robbery getaway. CCTV footage shows the man in Huludao, China, trying to load the bag of cash weighing 13 stone onto the back of his motorbike after holding up a security guard at gunpoint. However, he visibly struggles to carry and lift the bag - which contained 1.77million Chinese Yuan - around £175,000. The camera footage shows the robber, who was not named, ambushing a security guard who was carrying the bag of cash through the bank's revolving doors, Sky News reported. Using a replica gun, he manages to scare the guard away before taking the bag and starting to drag it across the carpark to a waiting motorbike. However, another camera reveals him struggling to even lift the bag, let alone balance it on top of the fragile-looking motorbike. It is then he was surrounded by police, shot in the leg and arrested. He later told police: 'I hate myself for doing that. How could I do such a thing? 'I will treat my parents and my wife kindly if one day I'm let out of prison.'

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